High Conservation Value Forests, nationwide, are provided in the  HCVF Guide

General measures

  • Public consultation of relevant stakeholders for the identification and management of High Conservation Value Forests must be appropriate to the size and scale of operations of the organization;
  • Involving experts in the field to identify High Conservation Values and establishing management measures;
  • Risk mitigation measures undertaken for High Conservation Value Forests shall be included in the Summary of established prevention system (Due Diligence System), which is made public;
  • Starting harvesting activities only after obtaining the harvesting permit, following compliance with the environmental conditions imposed by it, according to legal procedures;

Specific measures

  • For the specific management measures of the High Conservation Values identified, refer to the PVRC Guidelines;
  • For forests included in the National Catalog of Virgin and Quasi-Virgin Forests, UNESCO Sites, UNESCO Candidate Sites, wood harvesting is NOT allowed;
  • For forest included in PinMatra / other background studies, it is checked whether they are officially registered as potential virgin and quasi-virgin forests, and if included in such studies, wood harvesting is allowed only if VED is approved by Forest Guard, thus certifying that the forest area does not meet criteria for virgin forests.